Updating and Balancing The Budget For Couples

The real estate market across the nation is on a new competitive level since the introduction to new standards were introduced in the 1970s through a concept called Staging. Homeowners that decide to sell realize that the house they have made memories in by adding their personal touch must transform into a product that appeals to a high percentage of buyers in order to receive the highest asked price and sell quickly.

Where Do I Begin?

The homeowner, friends and family are accustomed to the feel and look of the home which makes it hard to be objective about what may need to change for best results. The first place a seller should invest their budget for selling is in a good, professional home stager. They will bring an objective opinion backed with experience in the field of impressing buyers.

A professional stager will also know where the budget would benefit the seller as well as pleasing the buyer.

Insider Tips: Updating 101

  1. Pay attention to scuffed walls or bold colors and apply a fresh coat of neutral paint.
  2. Scrutinize the existing lighting and vanity fixture styles.
  3. Weigh current trends, if they fall in the classic or more traditional style you will be on safe ground.
  4. Do not neglect the landscape and exterior of the home, updating can apply here too.

The Goal: Keeping Money In Your Wallet

A specific, detailed strategy with the most important rooms of the house kept in mind will stretch your dollar. Rooms that need the most attention are: the kitchen, living room, master bedroom and bathroom. With any budget, there needs to be a balance, the moderation method in choosing products will save you from re-doing and keep more money in your wallet.

Shop at your local homeowner friendly stores. Retailers like Lowe’s Home Improvement Center are staging friendly and offer products that meet budget criteria.

Last but not least, the do-it-yourself approach should be considered if the ability and time allow. This will cut out labor costs and keep to the bare minimum. Keep in mind, hiring a professional for those areas where safety and expertise are demanded is always the best approach; especially when the aim is to relieve stress, free your time and put your house on the market quickly.


The advantage in updating has multiple rewards. Sellers can feel pride in the effort and changes they made to their product while enjoying the new look as it is being shown to potential buyers, and buyers are excited they are choosing a home worth the price.