How to Go From Single to Dating

If you’ve been out of the game for a while, you might feel scared or threatened by the world of dating. Don’t be! Nothing has changed, we’re all still people on the hunt for that special someone. Make it a goal to go out at least once a week. Find a wing-man or woman to be your partner while out on the prowl.

Be confident. Even if you don’t feel it, find something about yourself that you’re proud of. Maybe it’s your looks, career, hair, personality, sense of humour, fashion-sense – anything that makes you YOU, and flaunt it. Confidence is not vanity, it’s the comfort we have in our own skin that shows the world we love ourselves, and can thus love others. It’s an attractive trait if you’re a man or woman.

Make it an active goal that you either write down or affirm to yourself out loud: “I want to find a date.” It may sound silly, but accepting that you’re now entering the “dating field” is a strong way to set your consciousness apart from the single life and more intune with the dating life!

Get Out There! … Where?

  1. On-line

Internet dating isn’t as taboo as it was 5 years ago.With internet technology, we’re all super-connected to eachother and the barriers of geography and culture are coming down! It is an exciting time to be alive as well as makes for an easier time to find a potential date.T

imes are changing quicky and with the number of free dating sites there are out on the web, you can pick and choose or put up multiple accounts on numerous websites to increase your chances of being seen by the possible love of your life.

Don’t hold back from the uninformed general idea of dating sites. Plenty of Fish, Lavalife, MatchMate, ChatLineFling; these are all a few of the many legitimate sites thousands of singles use to find a date. And if you think only weirdos and pathetic desperate goons use these services – guess again!.You’re a normal person, right? And you’re thinking of using these sites, correct? Then how is it not possible that there are other “normal” people out there just like you? Go for it! You can literally scroll through the hundreds of people on dating websites and pick and choose who you want to talk to! Much easier and less stressful than trying to make small talk in line at the grocery store.

  1. Remember

Be honest. Don’t put up a picture of you 10 years ago when you still had all your hair or teeth. If you want to find a meaningful relationship with someone who will love you, show them who you really are. If they’re a keeper, they’ll love you despite the couple pounds you’ve put on over the holidays. Also, there’s nothing worse than meeting for the first time in real life and finding out that the person you’ve been smitten over over email is not at all who they said they were. First date, last date. Don’t waste your time or money lying.

  1. Outdoors

If you’re the outdoorsy type, get out there and do what you love doing. Chances are, you might catch the eye of someone else who shares your hobby. Be it out on the surf, the trail hiking, or on your bike path – being in sync with what you like doing will bring to your attention all the others that enjoy your common interest. Common interests are a great way to break the ice and say hello.

  1. Parties

How to find a date should be a fun ride. If you’re friend is having a birthday bash or you know of a band that you want to go see, GO! Getting out and meeting new people is great for searching for fellow singles. Friends of friends means there’s a way you can find more information about that girl or guy you were crushing on.

  1. Know Exactly What You Want

Avoid heartbreak, miscommunication, and other dating disasters by being specific with what you want, and make that known to your potential partner from the get-go. A lot of dating sites have an option for this if you’re looking for a full relationship, just fun, etc. Although it may be difficult in the short-term to be blunt, you and your partner will be thankful that there’s no foggy ideas of where you want to go with your new relationship.

  1. And Finally… BE PATIENT!

Rome wasn’t built in a day and you probably won’t find anyone that fast, either (though miracles are known to happen). The trick to finding someone just for you is to never give up on it. If you make it a goal to get out of the house every week, you’re bound to meet someone new soon. If you’ve set up profiles on multiple dating sites, it’s only a matter of time before you message someone you’re interested in or someone messages you. Keep your chin up and remember to smile. Just your smile alone is a great signal to the universe that you’re ready for love! Intend on finding someone, and magic is bound to happen wherever you go.

Happy Dating, and Happy Valentines!