How Not to Act on a Date

Dating can be a tricky business as it incorporates all the finest elements of second guessing, psychology, body language and openness.

It may or may not turn out to be a wholehearted success for many, however, what is and can be obtained from the dating game are invaluable in terms of potential relationships and more.

There are nevertheless, certain things and actions which ought to be avoided whilst on a date at all costs.

From constantly answering mobile phones, to regular glances of the wrist-watch, here are some things men and women dare not do or act like on a date.

How Not to Act on a Date

A lack of enthusiasm from the off is sure to send the date crashing down to earth faster than the walls of Jericho. If there is no or little motivation for the date then do not go! Like the law of cause and effect the rewards of a date is unanimously akin to the effort put into it.

Dress well, make the effort and try and give it a go or else see the date wither and die like a 129-year-old Grandpa Leather-Face.

A lack of enthusiasm would also be demonstrated by a constant rejection of things and gifts while on the date. A few polite no’s are okay; however, six, seven, eight, even nine no’s indicate otherwise.

Dates are to a certain extent about the giving and the sharing of time, interest, expectations and desires, so it is wise for a person to extend himself to a small degree for the sake of his date.

On a Date be Sure to Engage With the Opposite Number

On a date it is paramount that engagement is kept and interests are shared. It seems simple enough but is actually more difficult than envisaged.

It is the very basics really. Laughing at jokes no matter bad or old, maintaining respectful but not piercing eye contact (unless of course a guy has a date with Olivia Hussey in her pomp), as well as picking a, well engaging topic of conversation.

Depending on the date, leave “hard” subjects like politics, economics and philosophy out, sticking with lighter issues and run-of-the-mill discourses.

Do not converse on potentially schismatic issues and personal beliefs such as religion until trust has been engendered.

Furthermore, avoid drab, low IQ discussions such as Lady Gaga’s new video, Jennifer Lopez’s backside or, worse still, your teddy bear collection – yawn.

It goes without saying that talk about “ex’s” go out of the window as does mention of grave past misdemeanors; unless of course the thought of dating, and just dating for the next 50 years sounds appealing.

Excessive verbosity is also a big no-no. One person should not dominate the conversation and asking some questions to the date does no harm. Just remember that it is not an interviewing room!

Body Language on a Date

Poor body language is symptomatic with a poor date. The twirling of hair, a lack of eye contact and regular breaks to the “bathroom” are but examples of how body language is a rector of the date.

If for example, a woman ever does this, then get the hint! Carefully scripted as they are, they smack of a rawness which says, “I am just not interested.”

The worse perhaps of them all is constantly fiddling with or, answering mobile phones whilst on a date. Dear-oh-dear, what could be ruder?

Count getting stupidly drunk, speaking with a mouthful, spitting, as well as quaffing 80% of that very expensive champagne alone as further things to avoid doing on dates.

Finally, responsibility for the bill ought to be shared. Unless specifically agreed beforehand, failure to pay a share of the bill does not look good. Yes there is a global recession, money is tight, but only Ebenezer Scrooge should take the title of the grand miser.

Avoid the aforementioned pitfalls and enjoy a successful and fulfilling date as personal chances of love are immeasurably increased.